Asian Weddings and British Weddings – How Are They Different? | Wedding


While at its core, a wedding is always about bring two people together, there are so many different customs and traditions around weddings that they are almost completely unrecognizable in different parts of the world. One of the most extravagant and exciting style of wedding to attend is an Asian style wedding, with many differences between this and a more reserved British wedding.The first and most obvious difference is that the majority of Asian weddings are arranged marriages, set up by the parents of the bride and groom. This is of course a wild contrast to the ‘love marriages’ that is the British style, where a couple that are in love and have generally been together for a long time decide to make the commitment to get married as a show of their devotion and loyalty to each other. British weddings focus on love, whereas Asian weddings are often between two people who have never even met each other until the wedding preparations are well under way.

Another major difference is the average amount of guests that attend the service. A British wedding can have up to a couple of hundred guests at the most, where an Asian service often has thousands of people, some of who have never even met the bride or groom. While a British wedding brings together two people, most Asian weddings are about bringing families or whole communities together and as such become a celebration on a far larger scale with unity far beyond that of two people.The catering and decoration of the wedding is also vastly different as would be expected. While British weddings are normally decorated fairly simply, the Asian tradition is one of over the top extravagance. There is also far more food served at an Asian wedding, with money spent into tens of thousands of pounds on providing traditional Asian cuisine for the scores of guests in attendance. The cost of the food alone at an Asian wedding can be greater than the total cost of that of a British wedding, with the total average spend of an Asian wedding being at least double that of a British wedding.

From this evidence it can be seen that Asian weddings are bigger than British weddings in every way, from size of the occasion, to extravagance of decoration to the budget given to paying for the occasion. While many British brides dream of a simple wedding with only close friends and family in a remote location, the idea of a low key wedding simply does not exist in Asian culture.

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